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We help consumers learn about products they buy, where they were made and how, and visualise the social/environmental impact of what they buy. In short, we make "vote with your dollar" tangible!
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Die Herausforderung

Consumers increasingly care about impact of brands they buy from but it's very hard for them to find actual & trusted information about what's in a given product. It's equally hard (& expensive) for most smaller producers to get this info from their suppliers, so we make it easier for brands to be more transparent and show their impact to consumer and stand out in the market.

Die Zielgruppe

We help the long tail of food producers to sell more of good products by making it easy for clients to discover and buy products with a positive impact on our world.

Das Team

We are a small boutique startup of 5, mostly engineers and product experts with long experience in the industry. We'd love to meet others who come from the sales, marketing, and consumer goods / food industry to join our team and create.

Die Lösung

Our core solution is a blockchain-powered platform to collect and integrate securely provenance information for raw ingredients and foods. We have a consumer-friendly application allowing users to rapidly see the facts about those goods and instantly understanding where they come from and their impact. Finally, we have a field application that makes it easy and rewarding for farmers to participate and record each batch of goods and produce they harvest/make.

Fragen an die Community

How do you decide which products & brands you buy, and what are the main criteria why you will buy again or not a specific product, or from a specific brand? What are the top 3 causes/impacts you care about when buying foods?

Holger Hoffmann-Riem
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