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yellowsofa - ideas for change.

A stage for ideas that have the potential to transform our lives – the way we work, the way we live and the way we treat our planet.
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Die Herausforderung

We give brave personalities with fresh ideas a stage –
or more specifically – our sofa. Take a seat. Tell us your story.

Die Zielgruppe

People who are thinking about new ways of the way we work, the way we live the way we treat our planet.

Das Team

History: Angela and Sam saw the yellow sofa @Uferbau coworking in pictoresque Solothurn, Switzerland.
What could we do with it? Was it for sale? …but anyway, we could probably not afford it. Then Angela bought it. Sam got mad.
yellowsofa was born. Samsung!

Die Lösung

PURPOSE: Accelerate change to make people and our planet smile again.
OUR WAY: We use real-life „stages“ and social media to inspire people to make their real dreams come true.
OUR VALUES: friendliness, happyness & sofaness

Fragen an die Community

Bored with your life? Do you want to change your life but procrastinate change for ever?

Pascal FromagetDaniela FromagetNicole SchaadDidier RenaudAngelaSONIA ETERNO
Didier Renaud
Holger Hoffmann-Riem
Theo Favetto
Nicole Schaad
Mirjam Nufer (Samsung)
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