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Surprise Table

Surprise Table is a service that connects people physically through a playful meal. Are you ready for a cultural, social and gastronomic adventure?
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Die Herausforderung

Problems  → Solutions Addiction to social media → Physical meeting (social aspect) Loneliness of people → Companies (social aspect) Difficulty in socializing → Entertained meal to facilitate socializing (cultural/social aspects) Ignorance of city  → Discovery of restaurants (cultural/gastronomy aspects) Bad period of activities for restaurants because of Covid-19 → Attractivity for restaurants (economical aspects)

Die Zielgruppe

This project has a positive impact for: -Restaurants in the city -New arrivals in a city (ex:Expatriates) -People who feel lonely and want to socialize -People who want to discover restaurants

Das Team

As newcomers and food-lovers, we felt the needs to make new friends and discover new restaurants after arriving in Zurich. We, two co-founders, take care of the business and financial management. We still need high-performance profiles in marketing, communication and website development.

Die Lösung

Surprise Table is an online platform that allows people to register for a meeting. Availability, budget, geographical and food preferences of participants are the only informations needed. With a table of 3-4 people, a group activity is proposed to animate discussions and socialization during the meal. Surprise is kept until the latest: the restaurant's name remains hidden until the day before and no information participants is given. Surprise Table is an urban adventure that provides the opportunity to get out of life routine and to spend a moment full of great surprises! Meeting new people, discovering new places, tasting new dishes, all in a playful way!

Fragen an die Community

- Would you like to try “Surprise Table”? If yes → What would make you want to sign up? If no → Why? - What would you like to have as activity or game to boost socialization? - What would be your optimal group size?
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Holger Hoffmann-Riem
Lucie Tran
Lionel Horn
Emeric Studer
Emile Berger
Sabrina St
Julie Bon
Michel de Montgolfier
Renan Lechanoine
Benjamin Tran
Arnaud Büsch
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0 thoughts on “Surprise Table

  • Holger Hoffmann-Riem

    Hi Lucie, it’s cool to have an idea that is not an app! I think this is particularly attractive for people who are new to a city (like Zurich). Personally I like one on one conversations, but most people probably prefer groups. I think it will be quite easy to find out what works best. Do you have an idea how you would get paid for this? Fees from the participants? Commissions from restaurants? Best wishes, Holger

  • Lucie Tran

    Hi Holger,
    Thanks for your enthusiasm.
    We think the one-on-one meeting could be a little bit “too intimidating” for some people. We really don’t want Surprise Table to be used as a “dating” solution but rather as a social encounter with others in a safe place : more people is always safer and coule lead to more interesting discussions.
    About the financing plan, we are indeed looking into the possibility of participation from both sides, for example :
    – a small fee from the participant for each meeting
    – a regular fee from the restaurant who want to participate actively in the meetings
    – a collaboration with the restaurants, maybe a “Surprise Menu” in a way they could present a range of the dishes they offer

    • Holger Hoffmann-Riem

      Good point – this should not be seen as yet another dating platform!

      Regarding the financial side: you can look at all these options in more detail when you get into the coaching phase. For now it’s good to know you are open!


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