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Refugees and Migrants Support (Schweiz)

The ReMinfo platform aims to consolidate a repository of existing support solutions provided to refugees and migrants in one single digital location in the user’s native language.
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Die Herausforderung

Efficient communication is essential to manage the COVID-19 crisis. However, a fraction of the population, who do not speak the national languages of Switzerland or English, cannot access the information. The large gap between the information and isolated foreign communities is therefore a recurrent problem.

Die Zielgruppe

It will benefit refugee and migrant communities by improving the capacity of cantonal authorities and other organisations, to communicate effectively with these groups and aid their rapid integration.

Das Team

We are a team of 10 people from diverse backgrounds, including experience in working with associations supporting refugees, and with direct personal contacts. We also have members with technical, managerial and communications experience.

Die Lösung

We propose an efficient way to reach these communities via an online information portal/mobile app specially dedicated to refugees and migrants in their native language. A prototype for the ReMinfo website exists ( and is work in progress. The main sections of the portal will include topics such as health, work, legal support, language courses and social activities. All the information will come from trusted sources which are publicly available in Switzerland.
Contact has already been established with several collaborators in Geneva and the idea is positively received among the organisations dealing with the arrival and integration of refugees within Switzerland.

Fragen an die Community

We would like to have input in the areas regarding: support for funding, implementation and testing of our prototype and efficient dissemination of the platform to refugee communities, either through social media, NGOs/associations and community managers.

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