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PandeMeet is a mobile app turning preventive measures into a fun game. The app awards/subtracts points based on the user daily behaviour and the score identifies safe/almost safe/unsafe people to meet
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Die Herausforderung

In Switzerland, where the antivirus measures still allow to meet, contacts between responsible and informed people should be promoted and guided. PandeMeet allows people to meet in a safe and responsible way by tracking their daily behaviour, ultimately reducing isolation and depression. Happy and well-informed people are more likely to follow preventive measures, thus hindering further spread

Die Zielgruppe

All swiss citizens who have a smart phone and want to “return back to their normal social life” in a safe, responsible and controlled way (target group: 18-40, tech-savvy, socially responsible)

Das Team

In our team we are 8 people (4 software engineers). However, the SE are hindered by contractual work obligations, so we need more developers. We also need experts in UX design, data privacy, corona measures and a data scientist with modelling experience to refine the app and the point system

Die Lösung

We already have the code for a basic app, but there is still work to do in regards to functionalities and design. The point system should also be further modelled and verified and the distribution strategy refined.

Fragen an die Community

The right time for this app is NOW, to steer the return to “normal social life”. We need additional funding/resources /people to speed up the development. If you have ideas on how to develop the project further or are interested in joining the team, please contact


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  • Holger Hoffmann-Riem

    I love the idea of turning the serious situation about covid 19 into something playful like a game. And I do believe in the power of gamification – even if it is not for everybody, some people will love it! I also believe in iterative improvements, so I encourage you to release a first version of the app as quickly as possible and get feedback from users! Good luck, Holger

  • Anna-Lena Klaus

    Liebe Simona, ich sehe eure Idee, die Dos und Don’ts in der aktuellen Situation mit dem Gamification-Ansatz zu begegnen als sehr gelungen. Seid ihr mit dem Aufbau der Datenbank seit unserem Call am Monat weiter gekommen? Falls ihr Hilfe beim Vereinfachen von Datenbanken oder Datenstrukturen noch weitere Hilfe braucht oder ich euch irgendwie sonst unterstützen kann, kannst du dich einfach melden.


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