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A silicone bracelet that changes colour as a visual cue to reward the wearer when they wash their hands
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Die Herausforderung

Okay I guess I don’t need to tell you what Covid-19 is. But while we wait for therapies and vaccines, we can stop the spread of the virus in a fun, cheap and easy way by each of us remembering to wash our hands for more than 20 seconds more often.

Die Zielgruppe

We will use 1/3 of the proceeds to donate to research into a cure for the coronavirus, & do a “one for one “system where we donate a free bracelet to communities at high risk of Covid-19 cases.

Das Team

My name is Don, I am founder of Do Me A Favour Buddy, the people-powered kindness platform that matches people to do acts of kindness in their community . We are a global team of people who want to spread viral kindness.

Die Lösung

We already have prototypes ready for sale, and are working on the online store.

Fragen an die Community

We need help marketing, spreading the word, we need translators for German, coders for an app idea connected to it, and just passionate people to network with, if we can help with anything we are happy to.


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